Trying out a new comic drawing process! I’m having trouble getting the hang of drawing comics entirely digitally for some reason. These were drawn by sketching in light blue in SAI, printing it out, inking it by hand, scanning it back in, then adding screentones in Manga Studio. Labour intensive, but I like the result! I inked and toned two different versions. The bottom pic is the second one that I like the most :) I printed them out to see how the screentones and line weights I’d chosen looked in the final reduced print size (I draw A4, print A5).

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Making this blog art only!

From now on this blog will be solely dedicated to my work! That means no more reblogs of non-art related stuff. I will possibly be making a separate inspiration/random blog in the future, so will provide a link to that if I decide to do it. I will take down most of my past reblogs and personal posts, except for ones I feel are important or special.

Thank you for reading! 

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apricotcrown asked:

Hannah for the mini playlist! :3 (this might be tricky lol)

apricot♔crown Answer:


Heartbeats - she
Aural Psynapse (Original Mix) - deadmau5
Nehalennia - Armin Van Buuren Vs. Arty
Never Again - Milk Inc
All I Want (Matteo Marini Mix) - Luigi Lusini & Starchaser feat. Molly Bancroft
Halo (Original Mix) - Omnia feat. Melissa Loretta

I hope you like it! Thanks for sending me an ask :D

Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

Yayyy, thank you! *goes off to listen* :D

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Hi Adriana! Richard is indeed lovely! He was very gracious and patient with all his fans who came out to meet him by the stage door, even though he must have been exhausted after the performance. I feel so lucky to have met him! <3 

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An Armitage Adventure - The Writeup (with pics!)


(^ Poster, signed program, tickets!)

Hello all! I’ve just got back from my overnight stay in London where I saw Richard Armitage in The Crucible on Tuesday evening. I had a really awesome time and I’d like to share it with tumblr and the wider ‘net, so if you want to read my experience, click below! :)

Please note that this writeup will include some little spoilers for the plot of The Crucible, as well as the staging of the play itself. Also a lot of drippy fangirly stuff regarding Mr Armitage.

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